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Sheryl's Personal Journal
A little about me. . .

Hi :-)

I decided to start an online journal because I can no longer keep one on my computer at home.

I am married and am having an affair. Of course, there are ups and downs and writing here will help me get through the tough spots.

What's wrong with my marriage? Nothing really. My husband (DS) and I never have sex. I've gotten pretty heavy since we first got married. So I guess I turn him off sexually. Fortunately, the man I'm having an affair with (RM) likes Big Beautiful Women (BBWs). (Although I wouldn't use the middle B to describe my looks) Other than that, besides the usual (he won't help with the laundry, we are both career people and he thinks a housekeeper is a waste of money, etc.) I am very much in love with my husband.

I will keep links to each month in the left column.


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